Classic trek to Everest Base camp via Jiri- 22 days

Have you ever imagined the pleasure of standing face-to-face in front of the world’s tallest peak, Mt. Everest after an adventurous and joyous ride blended with abundance of hardships and difficulties to reach there? Indeed, reaching there is a truly rewarding experience of your entire lifetime while reaching there by challenging yourself and enduring the pain of countless footsteps uphill and downhill adds even more adventures and fun to your trekking reminiscences. As such, the classictrek to Everest Base Camp via Jiri-22 days offers the exact essence of an extended trek. Though there is other obvious and a shorter route to Everest base camp, making your trails through the tracks that less people have covered makes an entire difference if you choose to trek via Jiri.

Trekking to Everest base camp via Jiri indeed carries stacks of adventures and joys along with it as soon as you stride your journey from the very first ride from Kathmandu. Asserting this in precise manner, it is meant to say that you get to explore such splendid and amazing heritages and scenarios that only few eyes have explored and only few legs have stepped on so far. Along the trail, you get to mesmerize yourself with the scenic views of terrains, terraced rural settlement, amazing land topographies, numerous gorges, cool perennial rivers and most importantly the indigenous cultures and native lifestyle of the village people. Similar to Everest High passes trek-20 days, the trek via Jiri takes series of progression through higher and higher altitudes. Nevertheless, the trek won’t be tiring and monotonous as expected from tiring walks since there are chains of Himalayan ranges flashing their splendid panoramic views that not only refreshes the tired eyes but also fills an invigorating energy giving you vivacious spirit for further progression. The ecological and environmental diversities are always there in addition to transform your trekking hardships into wonderful adventures. All in all, there won’t probably be any disappointment from trekking through the long route to Everest base camp via Jiri as this trek is worth to provide great adventure and satisfaction from the diverse scenario you will be indulging yourself through unlike the short trekking route.

To sum up, though the trek is going to take a few more days of yours , it will be worth for so because this can be the only way to gain both the pride of stepping on to the base camp of Mount Everest and collecting an abundance of fun and adventures on the trail through an extended trek where you certainly don’t need to rush for reaching the destination within few days of trekking.


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