Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is sometimes by passed by travelers because they figure it’s an extension of India; it’s not. Nepal has a beautiful, fascinating, long history. The Nepalese are incredibly friendly and fun — learn a bit of Nepali and they will love you for it. Nepal is a Mecca for outdoorsy type travelers because of the Himalayan Mountains that offer up some of the best trekking opportunities in Asia. In fact, Trekking in Nepal boasts eight of the 10 highest peaks in the world. The country is generally safe (check out the political situation with the Maoists, it can change rapidly) and Nepal attracts both outdoorsy types and volunteers in equal measure. The power situation makes working remotely from Nepal tricky (there can be as few as eight hours of power every day).

          As one of the top activities in Nepal, there are a handful of specific issues directly in and related to your trek. A key concern is the impact trekkers have on the remote mountain environments during their trek. Trekkers should plan on keeping their waste to an absolute minimum. This includes packaging from food or items you’ve packed, as well as plastic water bottles. All trash has to be burned (not ideal) or carried off of the mountain. Do your part and carry a reusable bottle and a Ste Ripen or Life Straw for your trip.

 Lighten your load on your trek. Carry the lightest pack possible and leave behind all the nonessential. Some trekkers will pay their porters to carry a heavier load    and this is poor practice. The porters may accept the extra fee, but they are risking their livelihoods by trekking overloaded. General guidelines are 6-7 kilos per    person, with a porter carrying max 12.5 kilos. Stick to this limit you won’t need the extra clothes you’re over-packing anyway. To that end, ensure you are paying    fair wages to all porters and guides. One of the most compelling reasons to support tourism in the Himalayas is the positive impact it has bringing money into rural communities. Don’t haggle too much and ensure you are tipping and spreading money around fairly.

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