Cholatse peak climbing

Cholatse better known as Jobo Lhaptshan is regarded as one of the most popular and hardest peak climbing than many other mountain peaks in Khumbu region of Nepalese Himalaya. Situated at the modest height of 6440meters on the shining, gloomy, narrow and ice ridges separating the Gokyo and Khumbu valleys is connected to Taboche (6,501m) by a long ridge and east face consists of Chola glacier. It rises from north of Taboche and south of 5420meters Chola pass which is used by Sherpa’s and trekkers to trek between the Gokyo and Khumbu valleys. The North and East faces of Cholatse can be seen from Dughla, on the trail to Mt. Everest base camp. According to Tibetan ‘Cho’ is Lake, ‘La’ is Pass and ‘Tse’ is peak so Cholatse means exactly ‘Lake Pass Peak’. Cholatse peak climbing starts though a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla airport, one of the most popular aerodrome in the world and then all the way to Gokyo. The south and north face were first successfully scaled in 1982 and 1984 respectively by group trekkers and first solo ascent was accomplished on April 15,2005 by Ueli Steck via the North face side. As peak is hard to climb compared to other trekking peaks and higher mountains, not many climbers have succeeded to climb this peak. The south west ridge is considered to be the easiest route to summit Cholatse peak. If you have mountain trekking, ice, rock climbing skills and physically fit and strong then this trek is recommended for you to witness the majestic adventurous trek. The peak provides you with entire mountainous and overwhelming panorama of Himalaya.

The trail offers magnificent landscapes and amazing views of Khumbu region, splendid view of Mt. Everest, Nuptse, and Lhotse and many more other peaks and lusty view of natural resources.      Climbing begins right from Gokyo Ri for much needed acclimatization and then trekking continues to Cholatse base camp and returning from Photse all the way down to Namche with full of energy and accomplishments, the trek concludes at Lukla for final departures to Kathmandu. If you are planning and dreaming of dare adventurous trek in Himalaya then Cholatse peak climbing definitely would be one of them providing you with all the mighty view and unexplainable experience in Himalayas of Nepal.  

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